Back to the lab again

March 2, 2011

Whats up everyone, I want to brush it off and say nonchalantly that I was bored and just decided to post because that’s what kool people do, but actually I’ve been wanting to start writing for a (black people) minute.  In a few days I’ll be talking about Lupe’s LASERS once I get around to analyzing it, but till then I’ll leave ya with a little something.

Kendrick LamarA friend of mine put me on to this song, nay ballad of the main priorities in life, last week and everytime I give it a listen it just fills me with total and complete optimism.  The name of this magical tune is P&P or as Kendrick Lamar puts it “Pussy and Patron”.  The hook is catchy, the beat is solid and right up my alley (kool jazz-hop), and the man’s flow is pretty ill.

The song also features a dude by the name of Ab-Soul.  I really don’t know much about him and I probably won’t do any research on the guy…ever, but I can definitely say that his verse was pretty solid.  It wasn’t critically acclaimed, but it does feel like he belongs on that track.

Pussy and Patron, this song has something for everyone in here.


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