Why don’t they call it a warm?

August 23, 2010
J. Cole

That's kinda rude

Besides the fact that your body gets hotter than hellfire, I just don’t get why its a cold.  Its like the parkway-driveway situation but I’m not going into that (they might).  Anyways I have one, but what’s this?!  He’s still writing?!  Inspiration is running through my veins, and like Mr. Wale says, “No days off…We some workaholics.”

The song I want to talk about right now is J. Cole’s Good Game.  I believe this track has been on repeat for at least four times now.  The beat is awesome and on top of that, Cole delivers in the lyrical dept.  The rapping is less solid, and more on the “my words could cut diamonds” level.

I brushed aside Cole’s album Cole World for a rainy day and I’m wishing I didn’t.  He’s up there with the new artists trying to resurrect the late Hip Hop genre along with Cudi, Wale, Blu, etc.

Right now this is my favorite track because its easy to listen to and everything flows just right.  But that’s subject to change, once I hit this shuffle button its a whole different album  =]

Good Game by J. Cole


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