The Good ol’ Days When Toys Could Talk

July 7, 2010

Holy balls this guy’s music is awesome.  Awhile back I used to listen to this guy who goes by the name Pogo.  His style was taking hundreds of different sound bytes from very popular movies (or in the case of his recent stuff, any sound) and mixing them into this awesome and hypnotic tune.  Then he edited a video with scenes from that movie and posted it on youtube.  Its seriously an engrossing experience.

He hadn’t come out with anything in awhile and he didn’t have an album that I could get my hands on which made heading over to Youtube to listen to em’ pretty tedious and I eventually stopped.  Though I have to say, I was probably singlehandedly responsible for a couple million hits for Youtube during that time.

WELL, he came out with something new =D

These two awesome videos are based on Pixar’s small indie film that goes by the name of Toy Story.  My personal favorite is Buzzwing because you can, in sense, get mad crunk to it lol.  Its also way catchy.

I haven’t heard anything like this guy and all of his musical genius sounds like a beautiful mosaic of sound.  Its pretty great.  So givem a listen.


Toys Noize


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