Back in business

July 6, 2010

I started a music blog awhile ago (its still up if you wanna give it a look) and it was alright.  I had a few followers (who were mostly there to send me spam….f**k them) and it was geared towards all the new stuff that hasn’t been looked at–so most of the stuff on The Hype Machine lol.

Well I’ve decided to kick it back into high gear but instead, I’ll just be recommending stuff I’m listening to, new or old.  Inspiration hit when I was recommending music to a friend of mine and she and I were bouncing viewpoints off of each other (she liked a Big Boi song but not this awesome Cudi song.  This altercation naturally ended in fisticuffs).

So lets get it started shall we.  The band that I’m currently ADDICTED to are these french guys called Phoenix.  The album is called Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which is a play on words if you can find it…lol.  Mostly the tracks Armistice, Lisztomania, and 1901.  If you like those tracks you’ll LOVE  this album.  I personally haven’t heard many things like it in a long time so if anyone wants to recommend some guys along the same category, be my guest.

This is an acoustic version of their song Armistice (the way he says octagon–hilarious)

Not a new song or anything but Spaz from NERD is my JAM lol.  Me singing this one on the train is damn near side-splitting funny cuz the song gets me hyped and makes me wanna get up and break stuff or just go nuts but I’m on a friggen train.  Suffice to say, there’s a lot of arm twitching and speaking to the air.  I can’t be lookin crazy on the train ya know…


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